Status conditions are changes made to the Verse Maidens' stats during battle.

Overview Edit

Status conditions are displayed under the Outfit Durability Value on the battle screen. When stat changes occur due to Skills and other events, a Status Icon will be displayed on the right of Status abnormalities.

Enhanced Status Condition Edit

When a temporarily strengthens during battle, you are granted an Enhanced Status Condition (enhanced condition). Enhanced conditions have the effects of raising individual Stats, and are useful in battle against strong MAD.

Lowered Status Condition Edit

A lowered condition occurs when there is a temporary decreases in stats. Getting hit by E Skills from MAD can result in a lowered condition. Due to lowered stats, various demerits, such as dealing less damage than normal, can occur.

Status Conditions List Edit

Status-strengthening Edit

Icon Effect Icon Effect
Song Power Up Icon Song Power Up Stamina Up Icon Stamina Up
Knowledge Up Icon Knowledge Up Divinity Up Icon Divinity Up
Technique Up Icon Technique Up Vitality Up Icon Vitality Up

Status-weakening Edit

Icon Effect Icon Effect
Song Power Down Icon Song Power Down Stamina Down Icon Stamina Down
Knowledge Down Icon Knowledge Down Divinity Down Icon Divinity Down
Technique Down Icon Technique Down Vitality Down Icon Vitality Down

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