Status abnormalities are various ailments that can hinder a Verse Maiden during battle.

Overview Edit

Getting hit by E Skills from a MAD can result in status abnormalities. Various demerits occur under status abnormalities. They can turn the tide of battle against the Verse Maidens. It is possible to use Items and E Skills at your discretion to remove status abnormalities. They will also lift after a set amount of turns have passed.

It is also possible to cause status abnormalities to the MAD by attacking with Skills. The status abnormality occurrence rate is displayed in the skill description. You can turn the battle back in your favor by inflicting status abnormalities on the MAD.

Status Abnormality List Edit

Icon Abnormality Effect
Contamination Icon Contamination Take damage each turn.
Sleep Icon Sleep You cannot do anything during your turn. You will wake upon damage, but it will be a critical hit.
Paralysis Icon Paralysis You cannot move until the effect wears off.
Seal Icon Seal Cannot Use Mic Skills or Energy Skills.
Panic Icon Panic Cannot join Harmonics. Also, Live Concert Mode cannot be activated.
Darkness Icon Darkness Accuracy will decreases dramatically.
Virus Icon Virus Lose SP on every turn.

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