Japanese Name シオリ
Gender Female
Occupation Mentor/Former Verse Maiden
Voice Yumi Hara

Shiori is Kyouka's mentor, who was an active Verse Maiden alongside Momoka in the past. She usually carries herself with an air of confidence,but when it comes to her nasty relationship with Momoka, she shows a less-than-mature side.

Profile Edit

Appearance Edit

Shiori appears as a tall, slender woman who has light skin, brown wavy hair and grey eyes. She wears a long dark purple dress laced over with a pearl white sweater and jewelry. The last of her apparel are black healed shoes with embroidered gold patterns at the tips.

Personality Edit

Though she perhaps behaves like a relaxed adult, when her strong cat-dog relationship with Momoka comes into play, her rough personality appears.

Archive ReportEdit



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