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Omega Quintet is a Japanese role-playing game about a world overrun by a mysterious, malevolent darkness, the only hope for humanity rests in the music of singing idols known as “Verse Maidens”. Wielding weapons of sound, they are tasked with fighting back evil and restoring the world, but it won’t be easy! These five plucky girls – with the help of their manager Takt – will have to give the performance of a lifetime to stop this darkness from claiming the last of humanity. Will they be able to band together and blow this evil away, or will they fight only to discover that the darkness has been lurking within them the whole time…?


Otoha Kyouka Kanadeko Nene Aria Takuto-2 Momoka-2 Ayumi-2 Shiori-2 Godou-2 Tomekichi-2 Aria's Pet-1

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*ω*Quintet オメガクインテット OP ver01:43

*ω*Quintet オメガクインテット OP ver.1

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