Nene Idol

Nene Personal

Japanese Name ネネ
Gender Female
Occupation Verse Maiden
Weapon Rifle
Voice Inori Minase

Nene is one of the protagonists of Omega Quintet and is also a Song Maiden.



Nene is a fair-skinned girl with purple eyes and medium length strawberry blonde hair. She wears a pair of oval-shaped glasses.

Idol ClothesEdit

As an idol, Nene loses her glasses and hat, revealing a tilted braid that swirls into a bun. She gains a white dress with strips going down each side of the chest, held together by black ribbons. Along the bottom are lines of orange and golden yellow to match the bow at the center of her chest. The breasts portion have black diamond-shaped markings. The skirt of the dress is golden-yellow pleat with orange diamond print and white ruffles underneath of it with a slit on the side.

A big pale orange and pale yellow bow ties onto the back of her waist and has a pattern of lines and two different styled diamonds. She also gains white sleeves with pale orange cuffs and ruffles lining the top and bottom, tall white boots that have accents of orange, black, and pale yellow, worn with tall white stockings with a single line of orange around the top. Around her neck is a frilly orange and yellow collar with dark orange lining and white ruffles surrounding a cyan diamond. In her hair is a single, two-pieced diamond clip.

Casual Clothes=Edit

Normally Nene wears a long white dress with a blue sleeveless top over it that is held shut by two buttons and a pink and white striped ribbon tied around her waist. Over this is a short, pale blue blouse-jacket with two bigger buttons. Her shoes are pale brown flats with laces going up the center, while on her head sits a pale mint beret with a pink and white ribbon lining the bottom with a minty-blue button in the center.


A shy, timid girl who is always afraid. She is also negative while performing as a Song Maiden, and it looks like that her usual spot is being frightened behind Kanadeko. However, when in battle she is far more capable than what one could imagine.

Archive ReportEdit



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