Japanese Name モモカ
Gender Female
Occupation Verse Maiden
Voice Marina Inoue

Momoka is a supporting character in Omega Quintet. In active duty since many years, she is a Song Maiden that keeps working; not only that, but also a veteran whose real age is rumored to have hit a certain limit. She is self proclaimed "Forever 17."


Appearance Edit

Momoka is a pale-fair skinned girl with very dull, stormy blue eyes. She has pale lilac hair pulled up into a held ponytail, along with straight cut bangs and three very messy hairs that stick up.

Momoka wears a pale striped, oversized shirt or dress, underneath a pink and white themed jacket. She also wears white scrunched school socks and pink slippers.

Personality Edit

In front of the media she behaves like a perfect idol, but she's usually sarcastic and rude.



  • Her age is hinted to be between thirty and forty, but a few implications imply her age is thirty-seven.

External links Edit

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