Makeup refers to the hairstyle, hair color, and eye color aesthetics that can be changed on each of the Verse Maidens. These aesthetics can be changed in the Makeup Room located in the Office.

Makeup Edit

Hair Styles Edit

Name Explanation How to Acquire
High Pigtails Too childish? On no, that's fine. Otoha's default hair.
Long Black Hair Now that's what I call basic. Classically beautiful, if a bit unimaginative. Kyouka's default hair.
Sporty Bob Perfect for active girls! Probably looks fine on inactive girls, too. Kanadeko's default hair.
Braided Bangs A subtly elaborate hairstyle. Evokes feelings from another time. Nene's default hair.
Wavy Pigtails You cain't fail with these fluffy pigtails. Wear if you are comfortable with people touching your hair. Aria's default hair.
Side Ponytail Just putting a ponytail to the side makes it dynamic and fresh.
Loose Braid A calm, mellow braid. Its simple appearance belies the more complex character of the wearer.
Braided Pigtails Somewhat orthodox, braided pigtails. Maybe also a little sporty.
Half-Up Braided 'Do A fairly elaborate hairstyle. Magically gives the appearance of a good upbringing.
Long Wavy Hair A super long, cascading waterfall of hair. Wavy and bouncy.
Natural Loose Bun I just put my hair up a bit because it was in the way. Such casualness is alluring.
Curled Pigtails Drill-like twirls. Styled heavily enough to last until the next time you wash your hair.
Braided Bun Not just a plain old bun. It's got a braid in it.
Ponytail A normal ponytail. Magically looks good on any girl.
Wavy Bob A cute and popular style that's meticulously styled despite its casual look.
Short Hair Good for both quiet girls and energetic girls. Easy to wash!
Pigtails Normal pigtails. But the normalness is endearing in a way.
Side Drill Ponytail A side ponytail with a drill-like shape. Drill into admirers' hearts with this hairstyle!
Feminine Knot Hair tied in a knotted bun. Highly feminine. Adds +5 to comeliness.
Geisha Hair An elegant hairstyle, see? See...? Would you like to see more?

Hair Colors Edit

Name How to Acquire
Hair Color 1
Hair Color 2
Hair Color 3
Hair Color 4
Hair Color 5
Hair Color 6
Hair Color 7
Hair Color 8
Hair Color 9
Hair Color 10
Hair Color 11
Hair Color 12
Hair Color 13
Hair Color 14
Hair Color 15
Hair Color 16

Eye Colors Edit

Name How to Acquire
Eye Color 1
Eye Color 2
Eye Color 3
Eye Color 4
Eye Color 5
Eye Color 6
Eye Color 7
Eye Color 8
Eye Color 9
Eye Color 10
Eye Color 11
Eye Color 12
Eye Color 13
Eye Color 14
Eye Color 15
Eye Color 16