Dragon MAD

MAD are the creatures that the Verse Maidens fight. They are directly associated with the phenomenon known as Blare.

Overview Edit

MAD are the monsters that appeared at the same time as the occurrence of Blare. MAD take on a variety of shapes and forms and it appears possible for living organisms to be completely possessed by Blare to the point of taking the form of MAD as well.

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Police Report Causalities Edit

Special Forces were deployed to the location where the appearance of bizarre creatures had been reported, but the effort ended in failure. Despite employing every method of attack, they were unable to defeat the monsters. When they tried to withdraw, their path was blocked, making their escape impossible. Communication with the team ended with agonized screams. We headed to the location in a rescue effort, but could find no trace of survivors.

Police Report Edit

The causalities from the mysterious life form reported a few days ago have increased. Victims either die or develop mental abnormalities. Police forces attempted to exterminate the life form, but neither traps nor guns had any effect, and withdrawal became the only option. A decision has been made to mobilize the military against the life form. Please engage the entire police force in guiding citizens to evacuation.

Information on the Dragon Edit

Among the MAD are those like the dragons of fairy tales. It is unknown from which creatures they originated, but they have power that overwhelms other MAD. They are so incredibly dangerous that even Verse Maidens have difficulty defeating them. They must not be carelessly attacked o sight. Painstaking preparations must be made before engaging them in battle. If they can be defeated, perhaps value raw materials may be obtained from them.