Kanadeko Idol

Kanadeko Personal

Japanese Name カナデコ
Gender Female
Occupation Verse Maiden
Weapon Fists
Voice Moe ToyotaJP

Erica MendezENG

Kanadeko is one of the protagonists of Omega Quintet and also a Song Maiden.



Kanadeko is a fair-skinned girl with large breasts and pale brown hair worn in a short, boyish cut.

Idol ClothesEdit

As an idol, Kanadeko gains a white dress tube top with black clover shaped markings on each side of the chest. From them the top splits open and is held with black ribbon, tied into tiny bows on the bottom. The top is lined with curvy green, and pale yellow lines to match the bow at the center of her chest. The skirt is a green pleat with dark green clubs printed on it and white ruffles underneath of it with a slit on the side. Attached to the top band is a light green club charm. 

From the front, green ribbon tails can be seen flowing from the back of the skirt, both of which has a single line of very pale yellow. She also gains green and yellow wristbands, short white boots with accenting of green, pale yellow, and black, a green frilly collar with a dull, gold colored club at the center of the neck, and a green clover on a piece of frilly material with two yellow feathers attached to it.

Causal ClothesEdit

Normally Kanadeko wears a sleeveless blue top with two red zippers going up and down the center. Accenting the top is yellow, along with two, very dark blue-grey lines that start at the chest and end at the bottom. She also wears black spandex shorts, short pale yellow socks with blue and white sneakers that have magenta laces to match her bracelets and hair clips, and a single red, white, and blue sideways clip.


Contrary to her feminine proportions, she has a rough personality. She's the type that acts before thinking. Since she moves around instinctively, she's a a troublemaker whose actions cannot be predicted even slightly.

Archive ReportEdit



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