Field Actions are actions that can only be preformed when exploring a Field.

Overview Edit

Field Actions provide a variety of uses, such as clearing paths to allow the heroines to advance, and obtaining Lost Items lying about in the field. Each Verse Maiden has their own unique Field Action which can only be used when they are in the party.

Field Actions have Ability Levels which determines a Verse Maiden's ability to use them. If the obstacle in question requires a level higher than that of the Verse Maiden's Ability Level, the Field Action will be ineffective. Ability Levels can be increased by completing certain quests.

Field Actions List Edit

  • Removal: Allows the Verse Maidens to remove Blare noise blocking pathways.
  • Elimination: Otoha's unique Field Action that allows her to pick up items surrounded by Blare.
  • Break Through & High Jump: Kanadeko's unique Field Actions that allow her to make paths by knocking things over, and allow her to over ledges and precipices.
  • Analyze: Nene's unique Field Action that allows her to use Operable Devices on the field.
  • Sacred Zone: Kyouka's unique Field Action that allows her to pass through 'immovable' Blare.
  • Dowsing: Aria's Unique Field Action that allows her to detect and find hidden Lost Items in the field.